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JCowens DD776 photo archives

Posted by on June 4, 2012
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Owens 92k James C. Owens, Jr., born 5 December 1910 in Batavia, N.Y., was appointed Naval Aviation Cadet, USNR, 3 September 1935. Following flight training at Pensacola, Fla., he served on board Lexington (CV-2); and on 1 September 1941, he joined Torpedo Squadron 8 on board Hornet (CV-8). Appointed Lieutenant 6 January 1942, Owens was with this squadron when it pressed home a courageous and determined attack against Japanese carriers 4 June during the Battle of Midway. Without the protection of lighters or accompanying dive bombers, the gallant pilots exposed themselves to overwhelming firepower; and every plane of the squadron was shot down. By forcing the enemy ships to maneuver radically and eliminating Japanese air cover, the “stark courage and relentless drive” of the torpedo pilots, such as Lieutenant Owens, made possible the American victory that followed. For extraordinary heroism in the face of overwhelming danger, Lt. Owens received the Navy Cross and the Presidential Unit Citation posthumously. Torpedo Squadron Eight (VT-8) Pilots photographed on board USS Hornet (CV-8), circa mid-May 1942, shortly before the Battle of Midway. They are (Front row, kneeling, left to right): Ensign Harold J. Ellison; Ensign Henry R. Kenyon; Ensign John P. Gray; Ensign George H. Gay, Jr.; (Only survivor) Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jeff D. Woodson; Ensign William W. Creamer; Aviation Pilot First Class Robert B. Miles. (Back row, standing, left to right): Lieutenant James C. Owens, Jr.; Ensign E.L. Fayle; Lieutenant Commander John C. Waldron, Squadron Commanding Officer; Lieutenant Raymond A. Moore; Ensign Ulvert M. Moore; Ensign William R. Evans; Ensign Grant W. Teats; Lieutenant (Junior Grade) George M. Campbell. Courtesy of the U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph. Bill Gonyo
Owens 39k Undated, DD-776 along side the flag ship of ComSixthFlt for a token refueling. Memorable because our crew was in dress blues. ComSixthFlt appeared appeared on the flag bridge in a T-shirt and ballcap and informed our Captain over the inter-ship phone line that more informal uniforms were to used at sea while under in his command! Robert B. Shirley
Owens 76k As above. Robert B. Shirley
Owens 63k Undated, swim call for crew, isolated in the middle of the Atlantic. The dummy orange capsule was used for practice of alternate recovery of the Gemini 5 mission which was our standby assignment. Robert B. Shirley
Owens 23k Undated picture of the DASH radio controlled ASW helicopter on the after small flight deck. Robert B. Shirley
Owens 172k A series of 5 undated photos of highlining between a destroyer escort USS Tills (DE-748) and USS James C. Owens (DD-776). Robert M. Cieri
Owens 158k As above. First shot line is fired over to the DE. Robert M. Cieri
Owens 158k As above. Owens’ doctor is being high lined back to his ship. Robert M. Cieri
Owens 141k As above. The doctor about to come aboard the Owens. Robert M. Cieri
Owens 140k As above. USS James C. Owens DD-776 breaks away from the DE. Robert M. Cieri
Owens 119k At anchor in San Pedro, 1945. Edmund Conley
Owens 70k USS James. C. Owens (DD-776) underway off Boston, Massachusetts, July 10 1946. National Archives and Records Administration photo # 19-N-95757. Robert Hurst
Owens 44k 1951, location unknown. Bill Hunt
Owens 71k June 3 1952, location unknown. Bill Hunt
Owens 91k November 22 1953, location unknown. Bill Hunt
Owens 120k Circa mid 1950′s, location unknown. Marc Pich�
Owens 20k DD-776 leaving Charleston, SC for the Med on her 20th birthday, February 17 1965. Robert B. Shirley
Owens 120k Departing Pearl Harbor for Charleston following a Vietnam deployment, taken 31 May 1968. US Navy Photo 1132922. Mike Smolinski
Owens 132k USS James C. Owens (DD-776) in the Tonkin Gulf, circa 1970-71, with a Kaman UH-2C Seasprite hovering above its flight deck. Note the Essex-class carrier in the background. Official U.S. Navy photograph from the USS Perkins (DD-877) 1970-71 Cruise Book. Robert Hurst
Owens 102k At Pearl Harbor Spring 1970 just before WESTPAC cruise. Clinton D. Kennedy (69-73)
Owens 125k DD776 was drydocked in Japan in the fall of 1970. This picture taken looking forward from the floor of the drydock shows the size of the rudders, screws and shafts for this class of ship. The yard workers were so fast that they were able to dry out the rudders (using steam), patch the holes, sandblast and recoat the hull and do other below the waterline work in just a few days. After the drydocking the ship was actually a bit faster for the same number of screw turns. Clinton D. Kennedy (69-73)
Owens 105k Picture was taken from the top of the drydock looking aft. The hull work is almost finished. Clearly visible is the sonar transducer carried by this class of ship. The hull was coated with a hot (melted) material which added to the life the ship. Clinton D. Kennedy (69-73)
Owens 42k James C. Owens refueling at Midway Island in November 1970. The ship was on its way back to home port in Pearl Harbor after a Westpac cruise; its last full deployment. An interesting note is that the ship was named after a navy pilot killed in the battle of Midway in early WWII. Clinton D. Kennedy (69-73)
Owens 102k 1972 at Hunters Point with the USS Ranger in the background. Bob Canchola
Owens 40k San Francisco August 1972. Marc Pich�
Owens 52k San Francisco August 1972. Mike Smolinski
On Brazilian Service
Owens 32k As the CT SERGIPE D 35 in the Guanabara Bay, Brazilian Navy Photo. Luiz BRAZIL Cotta, FT3(Ret. Brazilian Navy)
Owens 34k As the CT SERGIPE D 35 in the Port of SANTOS, photo by S�lvio Smera. Luiz BRAZIL Cotta, FT3(Ret. Brazilian Navy)
Owens 41k As the CT SERGIPE D 35 in the Port of SANTOS, photo by S�lvio Smera. Luiz BRAZIL Cotta, FT3(Ret. Brazilian Navy)
Owens 61k As the CT SERGIPE D 35 in the Port of SANTOS, photo by Jos� da Silva. Luiz BRAZIL Cotta, FT3(Ret. Brazilian Navy)
Owens 48k As the CT SERGIPE D 35 in the Port of SANTOS, photo by Jos� da Silva. Luiz BRAZIL Cotta, FT3(Ret. Brazilian Navy)
Owens 80k As the CT SERGIPE D 35 in New York Harbor July 3 1976 during the Bicentennial celebrations. Photographed from the Staten Island Ferry. Marc Pich�
Owens 76k The Brazilian Sergipe (ex-USS James C. Owens, DD-776) closing to refuel from RFA Green Rover, South Atlantic, April 1977. Robert Hurst